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Aqua Palace water storage system

Universal (UN) Water Storage System

Achievements for the JICA in supporting
the Rainwater Harvesting Project.

(JICA : Japan International Cooperation Agency)

The Aqua Palace water storage system was finally completed along with improvements made based on the performance and experience of that time.


Scale and Waterproof

No limitations on the scale of the system.
Completely waterproof/short construction period.


Patented in 17 countries Around the world.




Water issues that are expected to be solved by our UN system

Enhancement of preparedness for water shortages due to abnormally dry weather, prevention of wildfires, securement of alternative water sources for possible groundwater depletion, and development of flood resilient communities with ample water resources.

System application example No.1

A measure against the problem of groundwater depletion
Use as an alternative water source in breadbaskets around the world
Storage not only of rainwater that falls on the fields during the rainy season, but also of water from nearby lakes, ponds, rivers, and other bodies of water

System application example No.2

A measure to upgrade Japan's water infrastructure
Proposal of an innovative infrastructure that takes advantage of the natural characteristics of mountainous Japan.

Problems with water storage in dams

More than half of the water evaporates.

Sediment and organic matter contaminate the water.

Water rights disputes often occur between parties from up- and downstream of a watershed.

Use of the UN water storage system

the elevation (potential energy) enables water supply and distribution;

a small hydroelectric power generation system can also be installed; and

the system contributes to the prevention of wildfires.