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UN Underground Storage System Constructed for the JICA in supporting the Rainwater Harvesting Project.


Location of Water Storage Facilities
PWD Taramani campus in Chennai City, Tamil Nadu, India
(Completed in December 2017)

・Water storage capacity of about 628.8㎥
・Void retention rate of about 95%
・Pressure resistance equivalent to T-25 load capacity (automotive load)
・Construction with groundwater level at 2.5m
・Possible for person to get inside and do maintenance
・Planning to use stored rainwater for everyday uses such as toilet use and drinking water
・The upper area can be used as a parking lot

1, Start the installation of Aqua Palace partition plates

2,The SP main pipes are erected in the central part.

3,Install inner form plastic cardboards

4,Bricks (outer formwork) pile construction 

5,Completion of concrete placement

6,The upper area is ready to be used as a parking lot

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