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01The structure
can be selected

An economically rational storage tank is realized.

Pressure resistant performance required under a parking lot is different from what is required in a greenhouse. With the Aqua Palace, the structure can be selected according to the installation site and the purpose of use.

02Inspection and
cleaning within the
tank is possible.

Improvement in connection with maintenance and management.

Underground storage tanks are affected by impact by cars, vibration during an earthquake and variation of underground water. That is why the tanks need inspection and maintenance in order to operate safely for as long as several tens of years. With the Aqua Palace, person can get inside and reliably inspect and maintain all the parts within the tank.

03Porosity is high; it s
higher than 92%,95%
at thehighest.

Maintenance and improvement of storage efficiency.

Porosity of the Aqua Palace varies according to the selected structure but, in any case, a high storage ratio exceeding 90% is possible. The larger the storage tank is, the higher the porosity is.

04Ultra-large storage
tanks can be

Achievement of solutions for global water problems.

The Aqua Palace is stable in assembly in the vertical direction. Because of this, it can be used for construction of ultra-large storage tanks to be substituted for dams and reservoirs, aided by adoption of the cell type or hybrid type structure. It is expected to spread as a system contributing to solution for global water problems in future.

05Contributing to
formation of a
society through the
effective utilization of

It has been found that resin products such as polyvinyl chloride (PVC) tubes do not deteriorate, so long as they are under the ground and free from UV light. Thus, in connection with construction of the Aqua Palace tank, recycled products (including reused ones) will be proactively utilized for regions for which it is determined that the recycled products can be used “without a problem” even if safety is taken into consideration.

A PVC tube to be disposed of.
Many PVC tubes are in such a good condition that they can be used all right, depending on the member they are used for.